We currently offer a dozen different suites in our shop. Inside those suites we have the ability to customize paper weight, texture, color, layering, orientation, wording, layout, fonts and print method.

We do however offer custom designed wedding invitation suites created from scratch. Due to the nature of artistic creation, custom work plays by a few different rules.

1. Time is of the essence. Custom work can add weeks and possibly months to the design and production process depending on the intricacy of the custom request. Additionally, Champagne Press also has but one designer in house. Because of this, we require at least a six month head start from your wedding day to allow for the appropriate amount of time.

2. With custom work comes new paper stock, envelopes, embellishments and more that requires the purchase of those materials, often in bulk to maintain affordable pricing. On top of the expense for all of these changes, your $350 design fee includes a $150 allowance for fonts, foil stamp dies, or original art work.

3. We have no limits to revisions. We're done when you're happy.

4. While custom work takes more time and effort, we believe that you'll endorse its value. With a few exceptions, almost all of our wedding collection were born out of custom work. With that being said, if your custom invitation becomes popular enough through social media, you may see your design become part of our annual collection. If this occurs, expect 50 pieces of personalized stationery in the mail from this line, compliments of the house.