What's in a Wedding Invitation Suite?

Champagne Press Blush and Gold Invitation Suite

It’s the time in your wedding planning process to start shopping for your invitations (our favorite!). You know you of course need to send the actual invitation but there’s a few other crucial components for getting the necessary information to your guests. You’ll hear the term “invitation suite” talked about a lot while you’re popping around instagram/the web and hopefully the article will help you understand what goes into an invitation suite!


This is the stand out, most fabulous piece in your invitation suite. A traditional wedding invitation is made with white or ivory letterpress or engraved thick cotton paper but today can be created out of acrylic, colored papers, stamped in foil, and so much more. Your invitations should include:

  • Names of the Hosts

  • Your Names

  • Date

  • Time

  • Ceremony Location

  • Suggested Attire

The wording of your wedding invitation will vary depending on the formality of your wedding or preferences. Often times, the wording of your wedding invitation will be decided by the couple with the help of a wedding planner or stationer (us!).


This is one of the most important parts of the wedding invitation. The response card will include:

  • The date you would like them to reply by

  • A space for the Guest’s name

  • A place to indicate if they are attending or not

  • Guest’s entree selection (if needed)


This is the pre-addressed and stamped envelope that will make it easy for your guests to reply. The couple, hosts of the wedding, or even the wedding planner can collect the replies.


You will likely have additional information to share with your guests beyond the ceremony details. This could be:

  • the time and location of the reception (if different from the ceremony location)

  • hotel information

  • your wedding website

  • other weekend events

  • or even an illustrated map

You can use an enclosure card to share these details.

Tip: keep the information brief with only the absolutely necessary details.


You might find yourself in a situation where you still have additional events to make your guests aware of or more vital information to share. Use an additional enclosure card for:

  • the rehearsal dinner invitation

  • post wedding brunch

  • ladies lunch

  • an illustrated map, etc. etc.

Note: Etiquette suggests you do NOT share your registry information with your invitation suite. Your wedding website is an appropriate place to list your registry information or it can be spread through word of mouth.


This piece houses your invitation suite. Your guest addresses can be digitally printed or done with calligraphy. Pro tip: Make sure you have enough stamps! Invitations due to their weight, thickness and size often need multiple stamps (your reply envelope should need just one) so just be aware to take one of your stuffed invitation suites to the PO to have it weighed and measured or ask your stationer (us!) to help.


If you want to keep things really traditional and help preserve the invitation (we love USPS but they will not be super kind to your invitations) you can use an additional envelope inside the mailing envelope. This envelope will be digitally printed or hand calligraphed with the guests names only and will be unsealed housing the invitation suite. We especially love this option for couples who have chosen a unique envelope lining because then it comes preserved.


I hope this helped you understand what goes into an invitation suite! Pin this article for future reference!